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The GEROPLEX INC. professional team is made of technicians specialized in various fields in order to offer a wide range of services suited to your requirements. Having taken part in training courses leading to certifications, its technicians are at the leading edge of progress. It guarantees you its mastery of the most recent techniques and is always on the look-out for future technologies.

Considered as an essential help to your company, our intervention brings you a real analysis of the facts, enabling to define their causes, foresee their effects, decide on interventions, never disrupting your production rate.

The more complex your application is, the more fruitful our collaboration becomes. Combining our skills will become an inestimable asset to your company success.


Together with one of your company resource-person, a technician of GEROPLEX inc. will inspect all the installations to be checked with the equipment appropriate to your specific need.

Sometimes, a first analysis on site with the infrared-camera can lead to the immediate visualisation of a thermal irregularity, allowing a quick intervention.

The acquired images are then processed and analysed by a computer to make our final diagnosis.

Then, thanks to a specialized software, a thermographic survey report is prepared including real and infrared images and enables us to make the diagnosis and to work out our recommendations.


Electrical report example (French)
In regards to insulation, possibilities are infinite and it is difficult to give a ruling on a particular example.

In addition to traditional printed media reports, GEROPLEX INC. offers your infrared report on CD-ROM. CD-ROM version includes your entire full infrared report in PDF format, allowing to view, print and share it (via e-mail) between associates.