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GEROPLEX INC owns several infrared cameras specifically designed for the various requirements in inspection. They all are resulting from the last generation. Indeed, they are the first uncooled matrix infrared cameras ready for use in less than 30 seconds. The temperature measurement function integrated in the viewfinder quickens the thermographic analysis. They are perfectly adapted for outside measurements where the sun's reflection is a significant parameter.

Furthermore, always watchful to produce the best images of all, GEROPLEX INC owns many types of lenses to meet all kind of needs :

From a normal lens with a 24 degree field of view, it is possible to expand this field to 45 degrees with the "wide-angle" lens. This allows us to see a larger surface from a fixed point. This piece of equipment is very helpful to acquire a full view of a building. The use of that lens is also essential in a closed environment or where appropriate space to see a large subject is not possible, such as a roof or an interior wall.

On the other hand, if the subject is too small and/or too far, GEROPLEX INC can examine it with one of its magnifying lenses, increasing the scene by 2 with a 12 degree field of view lens or by 3,5 with a 7 degree field of view lens. It is then possible to produce sharper images when looking at small details, such as a connection at the top of an electrical post or the corner of a window on a high building.

As for the analysis and the creation of the reports, they are drawn up by means of the ThermaCAM software, allowing to gain the maximum from these infrared cameras. Indeed, it is the first state monitoring program enabling to prepare a complete inspection report instead of mere separate survey reports.

On top of all this, GEROPLEX INC owns a whole range of instruments essential to the most effective analysis.