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Infiltrometry (blower door) is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of buildings and to help locate air leakage sites. A blower door consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an airflow rate, and a pressure-sensing device to measure the air pressure created by the fan flow.

The combination of pressure and fan-flow measurements are used to determine the building airtightness. For easier interpretation, the results are presented as "equivalent opening" which is the size of a hole representing the sum of all the holes existing in the building envelope.


To verify if a building envelope is air tight, we must consider the pressure differential between inside and outside. Geroplex can calculate this differential with its specific pressure gauge.

In certain cases, such a differential does not exist or is difficult to create with the building's mechanical ventilation systems. It is then possible to depressurise the building with an infiltrometry equipment to detect air infiltration more easily, which also can be done manually.

However, if the outside air is relatively cooler than the inside air, the visualization of air infiltration can then be made by infrared thermography, with the detection of the places which were cooled down by the passage of the air coming from the outside.

Combined with an infrared thermographic investigation, an infiltrometry test is helpful in estimating the cost benefit ratio of an intervention aiming at improving the building’s energetic performance.