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The infrared thermography services provided by GEROPLEX INC. cover a vast number of applications, from a brief survey up to a preventive program, depending on the request of the customer.

Moulding under pressure, canalization losses, radiating panels, furnace degradation, engines inspection, rubber injection, etc... are some of its specific fields of application. For such types of applications, a study is done together with the customer in order to have a correct reading of the situation and to precisely define his needs.

However, the most required application fields still are: insulation, roofing and electricity. Some examples of these applications are described here.


The thermographic image clearly shows an exfiltration of air at the top of the wall of this building.

This thermographic image displays an important infiltration of air at the jonction wall/floor of this local.

This thermographic image underlines well that this stone section is not insulated from the inside.

The above images clearly show that the infrared thermography is the most suitable technique to pinpoint defectiveness of a building shell, such as: air leakages, lack of insulation, thermal bridges and dampness infiltration (it's a known fact that once dampness has infiltrated the insulator, it may reduce the "R" factor down to zero). A thermographic survey is necessary prior to any clever investment to reduce to a minimum the consumption of energy in a building.


The thermographic image clearly shows a problem in the waterproofness of the membrane.

An inspection with our infrared-camera will allow us to detect the dampness existing in your roof insulation, to locate precisely where water has seeped through the insulator and to assess the importance of the repair works that could then be carried out quicker and cheaper. The weak areas will undergo an additional survey by means of a hygrometer, and will be paint-marked directly on the roof. All this is presented in a simple and complete report, showing the accurate position of the weak areas thanks to real and infrared pictures.


As we can see on the pictures above, an abnormally warm point is a sign allowing to locate a possible overheating problem, even maybe a latent fault. Thanks to an early detection of defective components, the infrared thermography allows reduction of production stops and as such is an ideal preventive maintenance tool. This advanced technology, recommended by all the insurance-companies, is a very important asset to your company.

Statistics reveal that electricity is the first accidental cause of fire in industries and it was generally caused by the overheating of an electric component...


Infrared-cameras have been used in industrial maintenance for many years already. The infrared thermography has been well tried. The financial profits generated by this maintenance technique are very appreciable: one single survey lasting a few hours may avoid very expensive production stops.

The aspect of security remains an other important advantage of having an infrared thermography maintenance done.

But the most important asset of the infrared thermography is that it enables to assess the serviceability of an equipment or an installation long before any actual fault and without having to stop production.

It is however essential to rely on the services of a team expert in the field. GEROPLEX INC. offers a qualified and accredited staff.