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The infrared thermography is a technique allowing the detection of infrared radiations from the surface of all the objects composing our environment and to convert this radiation into visible images.

The images obtained by infrared thermography allow to show differences in temperature which would have remained unnoticed otherwise. Understanding and analysing these temperature differences enable us to discover hidden problems.

The applications are numerous in the building sector. Just think about the heat losses going through a badly insulated wall or roof, about the location of a thermal bridge or the detection of dampness inside the walls or roofs insulation. A thermographic survey will precisely pinpoint the problems.

In electricity, this technique enables to locate on various components, warm points which precede problems caused by a phase difference, a bad connection or a defective equipment.

Thermography has a lot of other applications: military, medical, safety, etc... In short, wherever heat differences may be noticed.

Thermography is thus a technique essential to any preventive maintenance program.


Nowadays, the scientific instruments are more and more sophisticated, accurate, reliable and user-friendly. A certain fascination arose from the numerous possibilities of the infrared thermography - the temperature measurement technique requiring no contact - and, consequently, the role of the technician using an infrared-camera has unfortunately too often been minimized.

The infrared thermography is a technique which requires knowledge in several fields. To master it properly, the user must be talented in various fields of science, such as: physics, electromagnetism, optics, science of heat, information technology, etc...

Pushing some buttons, believing religiously and admiring the beautiful thermograms on the computer displays is not sufficient to become a specialist in thermography. Sophisticated as it may be, an infrared-camera in inexpert hands may become an important source of errors as far as the interpretation of thermal images is concerned.
GEROPLEX INC.'s technicians are all qualified, have followed a higher training and received an official certification.